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Tool Less Gemstones Removal

For jewelers seeking to fashion new pieces, one of the best ways to obtain raw materials is to melt down old pieces, using the very same gold or silver to make brand new jewelry. However, before this can be done, any precious stones embedded in the old piece must be removed. Our Precious Stone Removal System essentially eliminates this step from the process—streamlining the jeweler’s process and requiring a minimum of effort! 

This Gold Refining Systems, Inc. equipment electrochemically removes diamonds and other precious stones for you, automatically, from every jewelry up to 14 karat. What is normally a very lengthy and work-intensive process can now be done with speed and ease, thanks to this innovative technology. A major time- and cost-saver for jewelers everywhere, the Precious Stone Removal System is truly like nothing else out there. For more information, contact Gold Refining Systems, Inc. today!

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REFINEIT-RS Electrolytic Gemstones Removal System
REFINEIT-RS Electrolytic Gemstones Removal System
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